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                Medical food preservative series,APIs

                Cosmetic materials,Vitamin series,etc.

                Commodity name Vitamin E oil
                Product name --
                Molecular formula


                Structural formula


                product description
                Synthetic tocopherol acetate is a clear, colorless, light greenish yellow viscous oily liquid.
                Product identification
                Synonyms: tocopherol acetate
                Chemical Abstracts Registration Number: 7695-91-2
                European Inventory number of Existing Commodity Chemical Substances: 231-710-0
                International Name of Cosmetic materials: Vitamin E Acetate

                Clear, colorless, slightly greenish yellow, viscous oily liquid. Compliance with the European Pharmacopoeia, USP, US Food and Drug Code.
                A: optical rotation of -0.01o ~ +0.01o EP
                B: IR IR is consistent with EP / USP / FCC standard
                C: TLC Thin Layer Chromatography EP is consistent with EP standards
                D: color reaction postive the United States Pharmacopoeia / American Food and Chemical Code



                Packing --
                Storage Avoid light, heat, oxygen and moisture. Sealed tightly Once opened, use it as soon as possible