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                Medical food preservative series,APIs

                Cosmetic materials,Vitamin series,etc.

                Through the implementation of standardized management (ISO9001:2000), information management and risk management, the establishment of a unique private enterprise management system

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                Cosmetic ingredients


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                Vitamin series


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                Pharmaceutical materials


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                ABOUT US

                As a wholly owned subsidiary of Wuhu Huahai Biotech Co., Ltd. (Stock code 870596), Wuhu Baofeng Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a specialized exporter of Cosmetic materials, APIs and Vitamin series of products; and all our flagship products have got the registrations of REACH. Due to stable product quality, excellent after-sales service and price advantage of manufacturer, Baofeng has established a good corporate image in chemical industry. Through implementing standardized management (ISO9001: 2000), information management and risk management, our company has established a distinctive management system of private enterprise; Through the improvement of regulations of enterprise, we have shaped a new system of private enterprise; Through the construction of "relaxed, harmonious, fair and progressive" corporate culture, we enhance the company's cohesion and social responsibility.

                A good marketing team and efficient management and service team


                Wuhu Baofeng Import & Export Co., Ltd.

                Address: 7th Floor, No. 82, Zhongshan North Road, Wuhu City, China

                P.C.: 241000

                Tel: +86-553-3821688 , 3811918 , 3821178 , 3836920

                Fax: +86-553-3838185

                E-mail: info@bfinechem.com , chem@bfinechem.com , timwei2008@bfinechem.com